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Bed Bug Control Bundle #3

Bed Bug Control Bundle #3

Brand: Various Manufacturers
Active Ingredients: See Labels
Target Pests: See Labels
For Use In: See Labels
Pet Safe: Yes, if used according to label.

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Price: $184.99

Don't settle for less, use what the professionals use. This bundle contains an assortment of products effective against even the most entrenched bed bug infestations. Control your bed bugs today with this bundle that utilizes dust, spray insecticides, and an IGR (insect growth regulator).
1 x Tempo Insecticide Dust (1.25 lbs)
1 x Zenprox EC (16 oz)
1 x Suspend SC (16 oz)
1 x Exciter (16 oz)
3 x Gentrol IGR (1 oz)

This product can not be shipped to any location within the following state(s): AK,CA,HI,NY