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BlueMax Mini Blocks Rodenticide (16 lbs)

BlueMax Mini Blocks Rodenticide (16 lbs)

SKU: 117.95
Active Ingredients: Difethialone 0.0025%
Target Pests: Rats and Mice
For Use In: In and within 100 feet of man-made structures
Pet Safe: Yes, when used according to label.
Price: $0.00

Containing the most effective and most advanced single-feed anticoagulant rodenticide on the market, difethialone, BlueMax Mini Blocks Rodenticide offers noteworthy efficacy and weatherability. The formulation also limits bait scatter, making clean up easier and limiting waste.

Ready to use.

This product can not be shipped to any location within the following state(s): AK,CA,HI,NY