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Terad3 Blox (4 lbs.)

Terad3 Blox (4 lbs.)

Brand: Bell Labs
Active Ingredients: Vitamin D3 - Cholecalciferol .075%
Target Pests: Rats and Mice
For Use In: Agricutural and animal production facilities, warehousing and food processing plants, as well as for commercial, industrial, and residential accounts
Pet Safe: Yes, if used according to label. Always use tamper resistant bait stations in areas accessible to children or non target animals.
Price: $39.85

Terad3 Blox bait offers the newest formulation for the control of rodent infestations. The active ingredient, Vitamin D3, will kill anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice while significantly reducing risk of secondary poisoning. Rats and mice find the bait to be highly palatable.

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This product can not be shipped to any location within the following state(s): AK,CA,HI,NY