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Riptide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV (64 oz.)

Riptide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV (64 oz.)

Brand: MGK
Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins 5.0%
Target Pests: Controls a wide range of flying and crawling insects (see label)
For Use In: Indoors and Outdoors.
Pet Safe: Yes, when used according to label.

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Riptide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV is a broad-spectrum insecticide designed to provide rapid control of mosquitoes, flying and crawling insects, stored product pests, and cockroaches. Riptide can be applied through mechanical fogging equipment or mechanical aerosol generators. Although it is water-based, it achieves control as well as many oil-based insecticides, while not having many of the same issues endemic to oil-based insecticides.
One half gallon will yield 55 gallons of finished solution for use in an outdoor mosquito/insect fogging system.

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