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SKU: 960
Active Ingredients: Patented food grade attractant
Target Pests: FRUIT FLIES
Pet Safe: YES
Price: $9.45

Vector 960 Fruit Fly Trap allows you to locate the source or sources of fruit fly infestation by monitoring the count of flies caught. The Vector 960 trap features a 10-hole venting lid to optimize fruit fly exposure to vapors emitted from the patented food grade attractant, maximizing catch. Removable lid allows for easy monitoring and identification.
General Product Information:
· Newest low profile, ready-to-use trap specially designed to capture fruit flies
· This versatile trap has a patented food grade attractant that readily attracts several species of fruit fly
· Trap efficacy is further enhanced by the orange-colored plastic with a specially selected chemical composition used for the trap base and lid.
· The Vector Fruit Fly Trap is engineered with 10-hole venting lid to optimize fruit fly exposure to the vapors emitted from the liquid attractant.
· The lid is removable for easy monitoring and identification of catch.
Vector 960 Fruit Fly Trap Activation Instructions:
1. Activate Vector 960 Fruit Fly Trap by pulling the cellophane wrapper off the base of the trap exposing the food grade attractant. Be careful not to spill the liquid attractant.
2. Snap the 10-hole venting cap onto the base and place trap as described below
Vector 960 Fruit Fly Trap Placement and Use:
1. Place the traps in areas where Fruit Flies have been seen. Place the traps where they will not be disturbed or tipped.
2. Avoid placing traps over food preparation areas or exposed food to minimize fruit fly activity and attraction in this area. These areas also have a high degree of human activity, which increases the chance that the trap will be tipped or knocked out of position.
3. Use supplied glue dots to secure the trap in place.
4. Remove the lid to count the number of adults in the trap. If there are a large number of captured flies in a single trap, you may want to strain the liquid for ease of counting.
5. Record trap counts on a site map.
6. Discard traps after 30-days of use and replace with new traps.
Common Use Areas:
Traps are most effective when placed near breeding sites. Place behind or under bars, beverage centers, dishwashers, food displays, food service islands, sinks, ovens, supply racks, vending machines, food preparation tables, etc.
NOTE: Fruit Flies will gravitate toward decaying food odors so it is important to discard all food peels and food materials to minimize fruit fly activity in production areas.
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