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Target Pests: FLIES

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These Fly Traps are perfect for use in homes, garages, offices, kitchens, laboratories, stables, barns, inside garbage cans or containers, or any location where a heavy fly population is present. Worth always having some available to use, it could be the party saver!
Gold Stick™ Fly Trap is designed primarily for professional, agricultural and outdoor applications. These Fly Traps are The Gold Stick™ is safe to use in sensitive areas as it contains no toxins, insecticides, hazardous chemicals, vapors or offensive odors. Gold Sticks are clean, long lasting and effective in high and low temperatures, both indoors and out. Multi-Bait Attractant is designed to attract multiple fly species.
Catchmaster Gold Sticks (Model - 912) are long tubes with a sticky glue and fly pheromone attractant for capturing and killing house flies and other nuisance flies.
Catchmaster gold sticks come in a patented "clean access" perforated box that is easy to use and handle.
Gold stick fly traps can be placed on window sills or hung vertically in areas of fly activity.
These fly traps can be used in garages, homes, offices, barns and stables, dumpsters, etc.
case of 12 traps
Indoor and outdoor use. Hook included for hanging, these are easy to use and will not stain can be left in the box or removed from the cartoon and hung up.
Goldsticks are ready to use and disposable.
Non-Toxic Adhesive
Non-Toxic Fly Bait Included
Made in the USA
The house fly is the most common fly people deal with in and around their home.
The house fly is about a quarter of an inch long and dark in color. House flies enter enter through open doors and windows and can cause a lot of frustration once they start buzzing inside.
The House Fly not only can drive us crazy by buzzing and moving everywhere in our home or office, they can spread disease.
According to the National Pest Management Association, house flies are responsible for around 100 different diseases to humans including salmonella, tuberculosis and more.
The House Fly is an unwanted, uninvited guest that is quick to reproduce and can create large populations in and around your home, if the right breeding grounds exist.
Easy to Follow Tips to Control Your House Fly Problem:
Limit what they have access to feed and breed on!
Keep your house clean and your garbage sealed.
Pick up the Poop, whether we like it or not having large amounts of animal waste in our yards will bringing in lots of flies, so get yourself on the best pooper scooper schedule!
Keep your trash receptacles away from your doors, no need to attract anymore flies inside.
Make sure your house is sealed tight
Make sure all exterior doors and windows have screens . If the screens have holes then they will really not serve any benefit. Check for other entry points, cracks and crevices, plumbing and electrical penetrations. Doing these checks on the exterior will also serve you well for all pest.
If the fly makes it inside the structure then have a solution for trapping them, whether it is the Catchmaster Goldstick or a sticky fly light system. Fly strips can also be used to control flies that have entered your home or business.
Good recommendation is to place the control method between the entry and the food areas, catch before they get to the dinner table.
Treating the exterior of the house or business will help in controlling large populations before they can make it inside. How aggressive your protocol will depend on the severity of the fly issue.
Catchmaster goldsticks are a great solution for catching a normal amount of flies, but if this is a huge issue we would recommend you checkout some of our other fly control products such as bait, and residual insecticide.

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