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Santa Fe RX Dehumidifier

Santa Fe RX Dehumidifier

Brand: Santa Fe
For Use In: Whole house dehumidification (up to 2,200 square feet)
Price: $2,380.00

The Santa Fe Rx Dehumidifier is superior to off-the-shelf dehumidifiers in myriad aspects. It is customizable, dependable, highly efficient (5.2 pints per kilowatt hour of electricity) and effective.
In AHAM conditions (80° at 60% relative humidity), it will remove 74 pints of moisture per day; in saturated conditions (100% relative humidity), the capacity doubles to 148 pints of moisture per day.
The Rx is equipped with a built-in condensate pump to route collected water to a nearby drain. Generally the Rx requires no assembly and minimal setup.
Like all Santa Fe Dehumidifiers, this unit will operate automatically, turning itself on and off, once you select your desired humidity level. The fan can operate independant of the dehumidifier via an on/off blower switch, allowing you to circulate the air even if the humidity is within your desired range.
This unit can be used for a finished basement or for other living areas throughout the interior of your home or office.
•Santa Fe Rx Dehumidifier
•MERV-11 Air Filter
•Drainage Hose
•4 Casters
•Power Cord
•Owner's Manual
•Mail-in Registration Card for a Free Digital Humidity Gauge

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