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Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Brand: Santa Fe
For Use In: Large basements.

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Price: $1,670.00

With its high-capacity blower (275 cfm), the Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier will rapidly reduce humidity levels in your basement or crawlspace. Under AHAM conditions (60% relative humidity at 80°), the Santa Fe Classic will remove up to 110 pints per day.
The Classic will handle basements up to 2,500 square feet. This unit utilizes MERV-11 filters, allowing it to capture particles down to one micron in size (such as mold spores and other various allergens).
For most installations, the Santa Fe Classic requires practically no assembly. Just place the unit where you want it, plug it into a 15-volt 115-amp outlet, connect the drain hose, and route the hose to a nearby floor drain or condensation pump.
The Classic exceeds Energy Star testing standards.
•Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier
•MERV-11 Filter and Foam Pre-Filter
•5.6-foot Drain Hose
•10-foot Power Cord
•Four Caster Wheels
•Mail-In Rebate for FREE Digital Humidity Gauge

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