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Precor IGR Concentrate (10 x 1 oz.)

Precor IGR Concentrate (10 x 1 oz.)

Brand: Zoecon
Active Ingredients: Methoprene 1.2%
Target Pests: Fleas.
For Use In: Indoors.
Pet Safe: Yes, when applied according to label. Do not apply to pets.
Price: $47.74

Zoecon's Precor IGR Concentrate acts on the immature life stages of the flea, preventing the adult flea from developing. Flea eggs deposited on, and larvae crawling onto treated areas will not develop into adult fleas. If a high population of adult fleas is present, tank-mix with an adulticide of choice that is EPA registered and properly labeled for flea control. To prevent infestations before they start, apply Precor prior to flea season. Will prevent adult flea emergence for up to 7 months.
Will yield up to 10 gallons of finished solution after mixing.

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