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Catchmaster Mouse and Insect Glue Boards 72TC (12)

Catchmaster Mouse and Insect Glue Boards 72TC (12)

Brand: Catchmaster
Target Pests: Mice, Insects, and Snakes
For Use In: Indoors
Pet Safe: Should be placed in areas not readily accessible to children and pets. In case of accidental contact, vegetable oil will dissolve adhesive.

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Price: $11.48

Catchmaster glue boards are non-poisonous, scented glue boards effective at trapping mice, snakes, bats, and insects. The adhesive is professional-grade, maintaining superior holding power and longevity. The board can either be laid flat or folded into a rectangular box.

This product can not be shipped to any location within the following state(s): AK,CA,HI,NY