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Suspend SC (16 oz.)

Suspend SC (16 oz.)

Brand: Bayer
Active Ingredients: Deltamethrin 4.75%
Target Pests: Ants, Bed Bugs, Bees, Beetles, Fleas, Roaches, Silverfish, Stored-Product Pests, and many more (see label)
For Use In: Indoors, Outdoors, Food Handling Areas
Pet Safe: Yes, when used according to label.

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Suspend SC is an insecticide formulated to provide effective knockdown and long residual control of pest listed on the label. It is effective for the control of ants and bedbugs.

Suspend SC is a residual concentrate in the synthetic pyrethroid family of insecticides. The active ingredient Deltamethrin is what kills the pests by substituting as a dominant poison to the insect's central nervous system. Once the pest has been poisoned, the pests nerve cells become excited, causing paralysis and eventual death. Suspend SC is diluted with water and applied with a sprayer. Once the product has dried, pests easily pick up the millions of microscopic particles left behind, and the active ingredient kills by contact and ingestion. Though Suspend SC is deadly to insects, it is very gentle on people and pets, when used properly, and is labeled for outdoor and indoor crack and crevice use.

Makes up to 64 gallons.

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