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Termidor SC (20oz bottle)

Termidor SC (20oz bottle)

Brand: BASF
Active Ingredients: Fipronil 9.1%
Target Pests: ants, termites, beetles, box-elder bugs, pill bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, flies, millipedes, silverfish, spiders, ticks, wasps, and yellow jackets
For Use In: Outdoors, not labeled for interior use except when treating wall voids.
Pet Safe: Yes, once dry.

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Termidor SC termiticide/insecticide is a residual non-repellant, especially effective against ants and termites. Choosing a non-repellant to treat ant infestations will ensure your treatment doesn't lock ants, already nesting in/around the structure, within. Termidor is also labeled for several general pests.
Will yield 24 gallons after dilution.

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