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TalstarP (3/4 Gallon)
$62.48 $42.98

Do It Yourself Commercial Professional Grade Roach Killer - Look through our DIY Commercial Professional Grade Roach Killer products

Put the power of pest protection in your hands with our limitless supply of Do It Yourself pest control products, all packaged and ready to ship directly to your home! Eliminate the need for a professional contractor and use any of our available commercial grade DIY products on your own to easily eliminate those unwanted insects. You’ve invested a lot into your property as a homeowner, and we want to help you preserve it while also protecting the ones you love with our wide variety of pest control and prevention supplies. If you’ve been noticing hollow sounding wood, piles of termite wings, or wooden beams or boards breaking under little pressure, then you’ll want to check out our DIY termite control products. We have liquid termiticides, bait systems, and dust/foam products to help fight off these harmful pests to the structure of your home.

All of these professional and commercial grade termite killers are available at reasonable prices and easy to use. If you’re dealing with roaches around your kitchen and food, lure them away with our commercial grade roach bait and then finish them off with our professional grade roach killer or professional grade roach spray. We all know that different times of the year bring about different flying insects. From wasps, bees, yellow jackets, and hornets to mosquitos flies and moths, you can send them flying the other way or kill them off altogether with our killers and sprays. Whether you wish to spray them down with one of our aerosol cans or use a liquid insecticide, we have you covered. Your children will feel safe playing out in the yard after applying one of our bee sprays or bee killers to the outside area. Those warm, humid months especially bring out the mosquitos, and you can fight them off with mosquito sprays and killers such as the Talstar Aerosol can to ensure your outside get-togethers remain fun and uninterrupted.

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