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Pest Control Products is proud to carry such advanced Insecticide products such as ExciteR and Talstar P. ExciteR is very widely used for many various purposes in the battle against pests. ExciteR is a cheap, effective, and powerful product that will quickly help to eliminate any insect or pest.
ExciteR can be applied to any product, including Talstar, to add an extra "kick", or elimination of insects and pests.
The name Talstar Pro/Talstar means one professional solution for everything, which is exactly what Talstar for pest control is! You're go to pest control solution that will help you to eliminate all of the problematic pest with one simple and convenient bottle! Talstar proudly has the amazing ability to kill over 75 different species of pests and can be used for indoor pest control, outdoor pest control, food handling areas, and even for termite control! Talstar has a long residual, so it keeps on killing pests for over a three month period even after you' have sprayed.
TalstarP (3/4 Gallon)
$62.48 $42.98

Professional Grade Bug Killers