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TalstarP (3/4 Gallon)
$62.48 $42.98
Premise 75 WSP (9 oz.)
$119.90 $95.83

Having pest problems in your home is bad enough, but having them where you eat and sleep is something no one wants to tolerate. Roaches are typical pests in the kitchen and places where food is eaten and served.

Our commercial grade roach sprays will swiftly wipe them right out and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a pint to a full gallon. High quality commercial strength roach killer brands such as TalStar, Demon Max and Suspend all provide effective knockdown and long residual control of cockroaches. You may not have a roach problem in the kitchen and instead come across ants. Ants can be especially problematic as they are attracted to electricity, therefore they have been known to cause short circuits, which can lead to fires. With a multitude of appliances located in the kitchen, this is a problem you’ll want to address as soon as possible. They of course are also a threat to any outside vegetation and gardens that you may have near the house. Luckily, we carry many different ant sprays and ant killer products that will remove these large groups of ants effectively the first time.

Bed bugs are another nuisance that make their initial homes in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards, giving them potentially easy access to people to bite in the night. They may also over time move into other crevices and protected locations, as well as other rooms in the house. To prevent these occurrences, use any of our select commercial strength bed bug killers and sprays. The bedroom is a place where you want to feel safest, and using our professional grade bed bug sprays will quickly and safely rid your rooms of them. From the kitchen to the bedroom, protect you and your family with one of our premium pest removal products. Use what the pros use.