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Herbicides and Fungicides | Pest Control Products

What are Herbicides and Fungicides? Fungicides are a form of pesticide that specifically target fungi from growing on the plants in your garden, your home, etc. Fungicides can prevent serious fungal damage to your home, pets, and plant life. Herbicides are used to kill any unwanted, pesky plants (weeds). Also known as weedkillers, herbicides can prevent major damage to the foundation of your home, as well as to your garden.

Herbicides and Fungicides | Pest Control Products

Protect your lawn, garden, plants, or any outside area you want looking good with one of our highly effective herbicides available right here for you to remove those pesky weeds out of the way. These products will kill off unwanted plants while preserving the life of the areas you wish to keep displayed and looking fresh and healthy. We have specific crabgrass killers like the Drive XLR8 Herbicide Crabgrass Killer that provide unsurpassed post-emergent crabgrass control. If you’re looking for faster, more effective weed control, this is the place to get what you need. The Sledgehammer Herbicide can be used to selectively control Killinga species and certain broadleaf weeds. Many of our products are able to be applied to commercial and residential turf and on other non-crop sites such as golf courses, landscaped areas, public recreation areas, school grounds, roadsides, campgrounds, and much more. We even have herbicides that are able to target aquatic weeds. All products are pet safe when used according to their labels.

We also have many broad-spectrum fungicide chemicals to be used for the control of diseases on turf and ornamentals. You’ll find each of the 3 main types of fungicides here: contact, translaminar, and systemic. Contact fungicides will protect specifically where the spray is deposited, while translaminar fungicides redistribute the fungicide from the upper, sprayed leaf surface to the lower,unsprayed surface. Systemic fungicides are taken up and redistributed through the xylem vessels of the plant. Each of these products will help with controlling the various diseases that can affect plant life. Your bedding and foliage plants, ground covers, annual and perennial flowers, and landscape will all be maintained when you simply apply one of these products.

You can use what the pros use and ensure the quality of any outdoor area where unwanted weeds and plant diseases have spread with one of our efficient, do it yourself herbicides and fungicides!

Do It Yourself Herbicides and Fungicides