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You've heard the old song, "Catch Scratch Fever." What does this song have to do with fleas and defeating fleas through the flea killer and flea spray products that we offer? Catch scratch fever is not just a song. It’s a real disease. Cat Scratch Fever is actually caused by a bacteria that gets into cats from fleas! While Cat Scratch Fever doesn't hurt cats, the bacteria can make you sick.
Cat Scratch Fever is not the only problem caused by fleas. There are many problems caused by fleas. This is why it is important that you defeat them, and we offer professional grade flea killers and flea sprays to get the job done right.

There are over 1,900 different species of fleas on the planet, but 99.9% of the problems caused by fleas come from ONE particular species. That one species is 1-2mm long and is generally reddish brown in color. It is the Cat Flea. To get rid of this pest, you need a flea killer that acts fast, like our professional grade products. Flea spray allows you to target the flea killer just where you need it to be. Flea infestations, and fleas in general, can be the cause of many health problems for people and animals. Fleas which fed on rats were the cause of the "Black Death", or Bubomic Plague, that decimated Europe in the 14th century! Modern problems caused by fleas have not been that dramatic, but there are many problems caused by this tiny creature. Some of the more well-known problems:

Common Tapeworm
Flea Anemia
Flea Allergic Dermatitus
Catch Scratch Fever

Currently, scientists are studying whether or not there is a connection between fleas and Lyme Disease, but there findings remain inconclusive. So, remember, fleas aren't just the cause of itching when they bite, they can make pets and people sick. Consider usng our flea killer and flea spray products. Our products are professional grade, after all. Why leave anything to chance? Use what the pros use.

If you have pets, consider ordering a supply of flea killer and flea spray now so that if you do discover fleas you can act quickly before you too have join in singing the song, "Catch Scratch Fever!"
Flea Killer - Flea Spray
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