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Why Do You Need Ant Killers?
A good ant killer prevents such problems as bites and stings, destruction of vegetation, short circuits in your electrical lines, nesting in your home, and the spread of germs. Ants can be much more than a mere nuisance and if you have an ant problem it is important to find an ant killer that works right the first time. Here are some ant killer products which we sell because we know they are effective and professional grade. See below for more information on ant problems which you can avoid by using our ant killer products.

Ant Killer or Ant Problem??
Ants can bite and sting. While these bites and stings are rarely a serious threat, they can be painful, especially for children. Among the worse examples are fire ants with their painful sting, Maricopa Harvester Ants which have the deadliest insect sting in the world, and Bullet Ants with the most painful sting in the insect world. Ant which have poison or venom have something called a “gastor”, a special gland that produces the venom or poison. This poison is also used for communication by scent involving pheromones.

Ants can destroy vegetation with their collectively voracious appetites which have costs farmers in the US hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, while causing gardeners more than a few headaches! Leaf cutter and harvester ants are a particular problem, especially when they set up colonies on or near a farm or a garden.

Ants, especially the red imported fire ant and the Asian super ant (both of which are now in the US0, are known to be attracted to electricity. Their gnawing is not the biggest problem, simply crowing around circuits they have been known to cause short-circuits which lead to fires. In some cases scientists have observed the draw to electrical current has been stronger than the ants’ craving for food and water.

Ants can spread diseases, contaminated food items they get access to, and pharaoh ants are known to cause allergic reactions to people with respiratory problems like asthma. Ants contaminate food and surface areas by moving from unsanitary areas, like a bathroom or your garbage, into areas like your kitchen or your bedroom.

So be sure to choose one of our professional grade Ant Killers listed above. Use what the pros use.
Ant Killer - Ant Spray
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